Tuesday, January 24, 2017

WOMEN MARCH in to Democratize the Democratic Party

WOMEN MARCH in to Democratize the Democratic Party, PLEASE!

We, the people, can EITHER, march,

ONLY, our MANY separate ways (chaos), OR, 

ONLY, our ONE collective way (order), OR,

ALL, our MANY & ONE balanced ways, (harmony)

together, stronger, generating synergy in a unified grassroots network.

We, the people, require a unified grassroots network infrastructure

to connect our diverse & dynamic actions working change

to collect & direct our whole power into the power grid at election time

to elect (new) leaders representing US

in 200,000 precincts across 50 states + territories

Therefore, we can EITHER:

A) design, debate, deliberate, decide, engineer, build, & operate a

- OR -


Repair, evolve, & envigorate the Democratic Party

to make it the party of the people & the party of democracy.

It ALREADY EXISTS in 200,000 precincts & it ALREADY LINKS into the power grid

which, ultimately, is where real & lasting change is actualized

by electing leaders to REPRESENT US!

OPTION A: complicated, risky, time-consuming

OPTION B: simple, safe, READY TO GO! ... RIGHT NOW!

2018 is happening RIGHT NOW!

2020 happens right AFTER!

We, the people, have state legislatures, governorships, congressional seats, and a White House to TAKE BACK for the PEOPLE!

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