Sunday, February 26, 2017


Elections are dominated by a 2-party system.

Party laws are variously adopted state-by-state.

Party operations are reserved to party officials.

Independents can withdraw, harass, & frustrate ... to a point.

ONLY to a point can independents challenge a 2-party system.

(...for now, until we, the people, take back our democracy and make it a free and independent open-source resource for all! the meantime...)

Not convinced? 2016? Clinton? Trump? President Trump? American Carnage? 

STILL not convinced? Really? Really? Then, good luck to you. Take care. Farewell.

For those who take heart from Bernie's win - though stolen - ...

... we won once, we can, must, & will win again & again & again!

... we COULD have taken the party via Bernie's campaign, but...

... we saw neither the opportunity nor the threat & hindsight is 20/20.

... we now know our strength IF IF IF we use it wisely!

... we now know that we, the people, must gather together under ONE BIG TENT PARTY - The Democratic Party!

We must NOT leave the power grid to the greedy victimizers to become more emboldened & empowered!!!

It is OUR power & OUR power grid!!!

We must NOT help them divide us further so they can conquer us!!!

Band together to take back OUR party from local to the county to the state to the national!

Band together to take back OUR country!

Band together to march into every single Democratic Party meeting to make it a FUN & FIERCE FORCE for change!