Saturday, April 6, 2019

One Progressive's Definition of "PROGRESSIVE"

I am a pragmatic PROGRESSIVE.  I am a realistic idealist.  I am NOT a purist.  I am a patient person ... a very, very patient person.  

MY PATIENCE with deference to those who defer to those who defer - indefinitely - the needs of HUMANITY and OUR planet - EARTH - is DONE!  MAKE WAY!

My definition of “PROGRESSIVE“:

Progressive means one who seeks progress - HUMAN PROGRESS - toward fundamental systemic change which will truly, finally put common people and common decency first and foremost in all things – progress toward democracy.

Democracy, from the Greek demos (people) + kratos (rule),   literally means, PEOPLE RULE.

To truly have a democracy, we need a culture of the people, by the people, and for the people.  To sustain a culture of democracy, we need a systemic infrastructure of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Today, we have a culture and a systemic infrastructure of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations.  We have corporate welfare and socialism for the rich – but, we have “survival of the fittest” free enterprise and rugged individualism for the common people and small business.

Gore Vidal said, “Capitalism, Communism, and Christianity are three great ideas which have never really been tried”.  To that list, I would add Democracy.

Progressive means one who seeks progress - HUMAN PROGRESS - by the absolute quickest means possible because people have suffered enough! – toward actually effecting the fundamental change of our culture and systemic infrastructure to reflect the fundamental principle that:

People DO NOT exist for markets or any other culture or systemic infrastructure!!!

Markets, cultures, and systemic infrastructures exist FOR PEOPLE – for humanity, for common people, and for common decency.

No less in HUMAN PROGRESS than in anything else –  anything worth doing is worth doing well!

We, the people, need to build our projects to last!

We, the people, need to practice sustainable organizing!

THIS is the absolute key to everything in human life – past, present, & future:
  • survival of the fittest IS the law of nature
  • fittest means most diverse, adaptable & cooperative
We, the people, have superior numbers and, therefore, superior power IF and ONLY IF, we, the people, are sustainably organized – diverse, adaptable & cooperative.

  • coming together is a beginning
  • keeping together is progress
  • working together is success

– above from motivational poster – author unknown

  • Let’s come together for human progress, NOW!
  • Let’s keep together to take human progress from the ideal to the real!
  • Let’s work together to keep human progress real for the long haul!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

FUTURE DEMS Organizational Renewal Network

FUTURE DEMS Organizational Renewal Network

The Democratic Party needs an infusion of democracy.

Throughout history, candidates have been more (+^) or less (-v) inclined to developing and envigorating grassroots democracy:

FDR+^  Henry Wallace+^  Truman-v  Kennedy-v  ($ + TV)-v  Johnson-v  RFK+^  McGovern+^  Carter-v  Mondale-v  Dukakis-v Jackson+^ Brown+^  Wellstone+^  Clinton-v  Gore-v  Kerry-v  Dean+^ Kucinich+^  Obama-v  Clinton-v  Sanders+^

...Roots vs. Suits ... it's an old issue … let's try something different...

...Roots WITH Suits …  we have to work together to build common ground!

Muskie in Maine managed to meld them together as well as could be done at the time.  Granted, the desperation of the Democratic Party in Maine necessitated that failure to unite the roots & suits was NOT an option!  

Over time, candidates come & go, BUT, the people will always be there.

The democratic wing of the Democratic Party CANNOT be personality-based.  It MUST be people-based.

The struggle continues to patch together some semblance of an infrastructure of democracy for our civic culture at large in our country.  LIKEWISE, the situation for grassroots activists is NO better within the Democratic Party.

During campaign seasons, candidates and their supporters can have direct or indirect effects which energize the grassroots of the Democratic Party.  BUT, campaigns are temporary and narrowly focused.

There MUST be an ongoing organizational renewal network to rebuild the grassroots of the Democratic Party to make it a BIG-TENT fun & fierce force for change year after year and decade after decade!

PLEASE NOTE:  This is ONLY a concept.  This is NOT yet in operation.

Saturday, January 26, 2019



a citizens' cooperative for learning, teaching, and practicing grassroots democracy

The most important office in a democracy is the office of citizen.
– Justice Louis Brandeis

"Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people."
- Harry Emerson Fosdick

"Power goes to two poles-to those who've got the money and those who've got the people."
- Saul Alinsky


+ each one teach one  /  train the trainer  /  skill sharing


+ open-source (cc) educational resources with shareable / rateable content

  • individuals 
  • NODEs
  • tags
  • events
  • articles
  • links
  • skills
  • resources
  • volunteers

+ JOIN (as an individual) -OR- + form a NODE (form a NODE Team)

NODE Team     (  Geographically-based  or Virtual  )

  • GEN - General Coordinator
  • ADM - Administrative Coordinator
  • COM - Communication Coordinator
  • RES - Resource Coordinator

ALREADY HAVE:  lots & lots & lots of great groups of great people doing great work! (short list below)

NEED: a cooperative citizens' resource network for learning, teaching, and practicing grassroots democracy

  • Our Revolution
  • Camp Wellstone
  • PDA
  • MoveON
  • Indivisible
  • JusticeDEMS
  • Brand New Congress
  • Sanders Institute
  • Local Berniecrats
  • Womens March
  • + many, many MORE!

All of these groups NEED & use & develop & practice grassroots democracy as a means to their ends.

We NEED more groups whose means & ends, BOTH, are to use & develop & practice grassroots democracy.

A network to locate & connect existing resources and develop from there.

While NODE will not be strictly focused on democratizing the Democratic Party, it will be an open-source resource which individual members & NODEs may well choose to use to that end locally & nationally.

In point of fact, many might agree that, the Democratic Party is not likely to ever suddenly self-democratize.  Therefore, it will need help!  LOTS OF HELP!

We NEED an infrastructure of democracy. We can either build it brand new from scratch from the ground up - OR - we can upgrade & reboot something that is available, dormant, and repairable - the Democratic Party!

The Democratic Party exists in 200,000 precincts and is already hard-wired into the power grid!

The meaning of democracy is literally: 

PEOPLE RULE ! (demos + kratos) !

PLEASE NOTE:  This is ONLY a concept.  This is NOT yet in operation.