Monday, July 11, 2016

The POWER Matrix

THE POWER MATRIX illustrates the relationships among key factors in the dynamic balance of power.  POWER comes from the informed consent of the governed – WE, THE PEOPLE, are sovereign.  However, since POWER abhors a vacuum,  WE, THE PEOPLE, must ORGANIZE locally to store our power for use in the good offices of HUMANITY.  When we do not keep OUR POWER local, it creates a vacuum which sucks OUR POWER away from local HUMANITY and sends it to remote centralized bureaucracy.  WE, THE PEOPLE, have superior NUMBERS, and, IF ORGANIZED, superior POWER.   The way to sustain HARMONY, HUMANITY, & DEMOCRACY is via ORGANIZATION of, by, & for the people!

This means nothing can stop us without our consent!  EL PUEBLO UNIDOS JAMAS SERA VENCIDO!

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